June 03, 2022 2 min read

Adult Companion Care

Contact us, we offer a free in-home consultation with you and your loved one. One of our supervisor/ nurse will meet with you and develop a custom companionship care plan and schedule. Rest assures this care plan is personalized according to you and your loved one’s uniqueness.    

Companion Care

Having a companion at home to interact with is essential to human basic life. We offer that service and anticipate meeting your needs and budget.

 Our Companion care serviceprovides fundamental assistance to the elderly and those in needs. Having a companion and interaction with another human being is important to your health, and mental status.

 Our Care plan will most likely include several ways to make daily living easier and safer for your loved one.

We perform:
  • Errands, grocery shopping
  • Picking up medications at the local pharmacy, on behalf of a senior
  • Assisting in meals preparation
  • Light housekeeping duties
  • Medication reminders.

This type of elder care is also designed to improve quality of life in other ways. Caregivers act as partners for favorite hobbies and activities, accompany clients to appointments and social outings, and engage in friendly conversation with clients. However, this type of care does not include physical assistance with activities like dressing, bathing, or toileting.

During our companion care visits, you’ll be able to assess and request for an additional or modification of the care plan. We will oversee your tailored care plan and made the adjustment at certain services as necessary.  

Personal Care

It might be good to know between Personal Care and Companion Care which one is more suitable for your loved one.

Personal care covers the basic care duties of companion caregiving, while also providing physical assistance to clients. Personal care services can also include non-medical assistance for chronic health conditions, like diabetes or Parkinson's.

Most older adults can age in place comfortably with companion care services. While other seniors may require advanced care or physical assistance which may demand personal care to live at home safely.

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