These services are provided at the client’s own place or via Telehealth. PBIS services are offered to participants who are facing difficulty challenge which affect their behavioral abilities to function properly either at home or within their community. Our goal is to pinpoint those challenging behavioral areas and help develop a better suitable interaction social approach.


PBIS focus into a support-oriented approach to helping individuals with behavior challenges. The method has developed within the tradition of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) featuring:


  • Systematic observation of behavior


  • An understanding of behavior as a result of its antecedents and consequences

Objective analysis

  • Objective analysis of behavior using:
  • (1) correlational observation of the behavior’s antecedents (what occurs before the behavior) and consequences (what occurs after) and
  • (2) systematic experimentation based on hypothesized causes of the behavior


Systematic teaching procedures, including modeling, prompting/cuing, shaping, chaining, and the like...


PBIS services include but are not limited to:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the individual’s behavior in the context of his/her medical diagnosis, abilities/disabilities and the environment which precipitates the behaviors
  • A detailed holistic behavioral treatment plan including a clear description of successive levels of intervention, starting with the simplest and least intrusive
  • Arrangements for training informal supports and waiver and non-waiver Service Providers to effectively use the basic principles of the behavioral plan
  • Regular reassessments of the effectiveness of the plan and modifying the plan as needed
  • An emergency intervention plan when there is the possibility of the participant becoming a threat to him/herself or others