June 03, 2022 2 min read

Contact us, we offer a free in-home consultation with you and your loved one. One of our supervisor/ nurse staff will meet with you and develop a custom Personal Care plan and schedule. Rest assures this care plan is personalized according to you and your loved one’s uniqueness.    

Personal Care

Most older adults can live at home happier with some professional Personal Care assistance services. Personal home care can help your loved one maintaining their independence and continue living happily at home.

Personal care service makes it possible for your loved one to remains at home while living with physical disabilities or a chronic health condition. This service includes help with personal activities, such as dressing, bathing, and mobility.

We understand how valuable of receiving care in the comfort of your home can be for many. We will be here to provide the extra help that may be needed to accomplish that in a safe and professionalism manner. If your loved one is concerned about losing their independence and finds themselves struggling with everyday tasks, we are here to help.

Personal Care Purpose

As people get older, some tasks become more and more difficult to do. We recognize how difficult it can be to care for an elderly person. If you or a loved one needs help, Evolve Home Care can assist you. We provide personal care services in the Greater Kingston Area. Our caregivers have many years of experience providing our services for seniors as well as other individuals who require assistance.

Hiring Personal Care Services

When a loved one needs some extra help to taking care of themselves we are here to help, especially when you don’t really have the time to take care of your loved one full-time. Our professional caregivers are trained and experienced to take care of such individuals. By hiring our Personal Care services, your loved one can now safely stay at home rather than going to a long-term care facility.

We perform:

  • Personal hygiene - bathing, showering, hair washing, shaving, oral hygiene and nail care.
  • Continence management  toileting, catheter/stoma care, skin care, incontinence laundry and bed changing.
  • Food and diet  help with eating, special diets and food preparation
  • Immobility problems  dealing with being immobile or substantially immobile
  • Personal assistance  help with dressing, surgical appliances, prostheses, mechanical and manual aids, help getting in and out of bed and using hoists

If your loved one will need care administering injections  or managing pressure ulcers you may consider Home Healthcare Services | Nursing care services added to the personal care, as nursing care involves the knowledge and skills of a qualified nurse. We can provide both of these services to you, if needed. 

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