Culver Mobility Cobra Foldable & Divisible Wheelchair Ultra Exclusive Foldable Electric Wheelchair Heavy Duty, Holds 400 lbs 500W Cobra Power Dual Motor Folding (14 Miles-1 Battery + Trailer)


Color: Silver


  • FOLDABLE - The most unique thing about COBRA models is that they can be easily folded in a few seconds. The compact format in combination with the low weight, thanks to the aluminum construction, makes it easy to take it with you in a car or on a flight Thoroughly work has been put into ergonomics and usability.
  • COBRA CAN BE DIVISIBLE WHEN LOADING - It can be split into two parts to quickly and easily lift the electric wheelchair into the trunk of a car. Easier to use than a whole wheelchair as the payload is only 35 and 37 LB respectively,can be divided into two parts to quickly and easily lift the power wheelchair into the trunk of a car
  • FOLDING JOYSTICK COBRA - Has a smart attachment to the joystick that allows you to fold down the joystick with a simple touch. With this advantage you can get closer to a table or reduce the space when loading or storing the wheelchair.
  • ATTENDANT CONTROL - The care control is an arm and a bracket which means that you can mount the joystick on the backrest of your COBRA . With the care control, the person who is behind can drive the electric wheelchair with the help of the joystick instead of the person sitting in the chair. A perfect solution for older users and for certain medical conditions.A DJUSTABLE BACKREST Model Cobra has a height-adjustable backrest that can also be angled,
  • SPRING DAMPING IN THE FRONT Model Cobra is equipped with shock-absorbing castor forks. This means that you get an even more comfortable and smoother driving experience. Together with the air-filled rear tires, this provides good comfort and good cushioning.

Details:  Max Weight Capacity: 400lbsMaximum Speed:up to 14  miles with one batteryGround Clearance: 3.5”Grade Ability: 25”Turning Radius: 31”Unfolded Dimensions: 39.4" x 24.4" x 35.5"Compact Folded Size: 13" x 29.1"Seat Width (Between Arm rest): 21.5”Seat Dimensions(H*W*D):21" x 18.5" x 18"Armrest Height: 9.4" Seat Back Height: 19.3"Per Battery Weight: 3.5 lbsFits in small CarsImproved Durability, Larger Front (8") and Rear Wheels (12.5") (Puncture free)Adjustable Backrest HeightSuspension: 4 piecesMotor: 300W x 2, rear-wheel drive and steeringBrakes: Intelligent braking (electronic, regenerative disc brakes)Brake System: Intelligent Electromagnetic BrakeDrive Distance: 2 Batteries up to 30 MilesPer Battery Capacity: 24V 10AhManual mode switch allows caregiver push the chairBattery Weight 3.50 lbsTwo Storage Baskets (Back and Bottom)Base Weight: 55 lbs 

EAN: 0712179825970

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