Point A Premium 5 Function Full Electric Hospital ICU Bed with 5.9" Memory Foam Mattress Included (Central Locking System with 6" Casters, Battery Back-up System and LINAK Motor and Control System)

Brand: A Point A Tech

Color: Blue


  • 5 CLASSIC FUNCTIONS: These include Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg movement in addition to the standard elevation of the head, knees, and feet. The bed can also be lowered from 19 inches or elevated to 30 inches in height. With these functions, the patient can be positioned in Trendelenburg, Fowler’s, semi-Fowler’s, high-Fowler’s, and standard chair positions. There are angle degree displays for the head elevation and Trendelenburg movements for precise positioning of the patient.
  • LINAK ELECTRIC MOTOR ACTUATORS: The LINAK electric motor actuator and control system offers smooth and quiet movements. The LINAK system is developed in Denmark and is the leading brand for hospital beds in the world. Their intuitive design allows patients to move to comfortable positions with the press of a button.
  • CENTRAL LOCKING SYSTEM: The Hopefull Bed comes with a central locking System with 6 inches caster wheels and brake pedals, which allow for ease of movement, even on carpeted surfaces. These features allow the bed to be easily moved on various surfaces within your home or facility.
  • MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS INCLUDED: Waterproof Mattress, Dimensions: 78" L x 35" W, 5.9 inches thickness. The Memory Foam Mattress allows ease of cleaning and wiping, while also providing maximum comfort to the user. Color Dark Blue.
  • SIZE, WEIGHT LIMITS, and WARRANTY: There is a 550 LBS weight limit for safe operation of the bed. The sleeping surface is 77 x 35 inches. Overall dimensions are 83 x 41 x 19 - 30 inches. Overall bed weight is about 306 LBS. The POINT A Premium 5 Function Full Electric bed also comes with 2 years warranty for parts and labor, 5 years warranty for the LINAK actuator electric motor, and 10 years warranty for the frame of the bed.

model number: PAM-5

Part Number: LS-EA5003

Details: The POINT A Premium 5 Function Full Electric Hospital Bed offers the capabilities of a fully equipped hospital bed within the comforts of your home. There is quiet and smooth raising of the head, knees, and feet, providing maximum comfort for the patient or your loved one. Additionally, the bed can move in Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions. There are integrated angle degree displays to allow for precise positioning. In addition, the bed has the battery backup system for the emergency non-electric power. The bed included for 5.9" divided Memory Foam Mattress. The bed is manufactured with the powered coated steel bed frame, soft connections bed board, the wing type 4 PCS of hardened plastic siderails in top class ABS & PP plastic. These materials give the bed a premium feel, similar to what is found in hospitals. These functions are accomplished by the state-of-the-art LINAK electric motor actuators and control systems, which provide smooth and quiet movements. The controls are ergonomically produced, with intuitive designs on the hand-held pendant to ensure easy use. LINAK is the leading brand for motor actuators and electronics for hospital beds world-wide. Other features include a centralized locking system with brake pedals with 6 inches asters with bearings. The large casters allow for ease of movement on various floor surfaces, like concrete, tile, wood, and carpet, which will help with moving the bed within your home or facility. Meanwhile, the centralized locking system with pedals will ensure that the hospital bed is anchored in place. The POINT A Premium 5 Function Full Electric Hospital ICU Bed is the perfect solution to improve the care of your patients and loved ones in your home or facility. SPECIFICATIONS: 550 LBS weight limit. Overall bed weight: 306 LBS. Overall Dimensions: 83 x 41 x 19 – 30 inches adjustable height). Sleep Surface Dimensions: 77 x 36 inches.

EAN: 0759740960517

Package Dimensions: 86.0 x 38.0 x 29.0 inches